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Lawsuit Funding  

We Provide Lawsuit Funding, Litigation Funding & Lawsuit Financing for Your Pending Car Accident, Wrongful Death, or Personal Injury Lawsuit.

We Present Your Lawsuit Funding Application to an Array of Investors for Fast Affordable Lawsuit Funding!

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   Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Funding - Lawsuit Funding for Personal Injury Victims

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First American Finance Corporation is the nation's leading provider of affordable pre-settlement lawsuit funding and advance lawsuit funding programs to plaintiffs and lawsuit funding services to law firms while awaiting settlement of a pending lawsuit or personal injury claim. Our continued success is due to our complete understanding of what our clients look for in a pre-settlement lawsuit funding company. Affordable terms; courteous customer support; and timely funding. Our strong alliances with an array lawsuit funding providers and direct pre-settlement lawsuit funding pools and our awareness of each investor's niche gives us the ability to offer the most affordable terms for pre-settlement lawsuit funding services in the nation. 

We have assisted several personal injury victims with getting the money they need to pay for living expenses, medical bills, legal expenses, and find the financial aid they have needed while awaiting a settlement. We can provide pre-settlement lawsuit funding to meet your current needs, long term objectives, and get you the cash you need fast. Any pending lawsuit or personal injury claim where there has been a serious personal injury will be considered.  Update:  We Can Now Offer Lawsuit Funding in Ohio.

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Lawsuit Funding

Finding a company that will provide quick pre-settlement lawsuit funding services can prove to be very hard but necessary to pursue a personal injury claim to a victorious conclusion. We often provide advance pre-settlement lawsuit funding to individuals as well as, companies that have drained all other monetary resources while pursuing a fair and just settlement of their insurance claim. The personal injury claim must meet the criteria of our investors and when the pending lawsuit or insurance claim has settled in the plaintiff's favor, the advance is repaid by the plaintiff's attorney from the proceeds of the settlement.

Personal injury victims often need cash for personal living expenses while they are awaiting a successful conclusion to a personal injury lawsuit.  Lawsuit funding can be a welcomed advantage to personal injury victims that are not able to wait for a fair and just settlement because they have experienced a complete loss of financial support which may require them to prematurely settle their case for a lower amount.

Our inherit ability to thoroughly evaluate each and every personal injury case is derived from several years of evaluating hundreds of personal injury cases. We are so secure in the evaluation of the cases we invest in, that we advance funds to plaintiff on a non-recourse basis. This means we are repaid only if the case is successfully settled.  If the case is not settled successfully, the plaintiff is not required to repay the cash advance they received from us.

Plaintiffs - get Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Funding on your Personal Injury case NOW.  These transactions are not personal loans, you will not have to pay the advance back until your case settles.

Attorneys - We can provide advance funding to your clients and they can provide financial assistance to you to assist with the high Litigation Costs and it's 100% risk free.

Claims That are Eligible for Lawsuit Funding???

  • Product Liability

  • Maritime Claims (Jones Act)

  • Rail Road Claims (FELA)

  • Wrongful Death

How Does the Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Funding Program Work???

We will buy a portion of a personal injury victims potential settlement.  This will provide them with money they need now for any purpose, including their cost of living expenses.  We do not take a flat percentage of your final settlement!

How Much Will the Lawsuit Funding Transaction Cost Me???

 We have the most affordable terms in the nation and we have no upfront or hidden costs.  We charge an origination fee for each advance you receive along a low periodic monthly usage fee until the settlement is disbursed.  And remember, if you don't win your case ... you don't need to pay us anything back!


How Can I Apply for a Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Funding???

Just complete an online submission form.  If you claim meets our underwriting criteria, we will fax a request for your supporting case documents and questionnaire to your attorney.  After receiving your documents from your attorney, we will evaluate your claim and call you back within 3-4 business days. Usually, we're able to forward your funds within 48 hours of receiving your completed and signed funding agreement.

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Due to overwhelming response to our low rates, please complete an online application for reference before calling.

Lawsuit Funding

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