Inheritance Funding - Inheritance Loan - Advance on Inheritance

Inheritance Funding - Inheritance Loan - Advance on Inheritance

Inheritance Loan - Inheritance Funding 

Advance on Inheritance - Probate Loan

- Fast Cash Loan on Inheritance in Probate -

Inheritance Funding - Inheritance Loan - Advance on Inheritance - Probate Loan

Get Your Inheritance Cash in as Little as 5-Days!

Why Wait for Probate to Close?  Get cash for your inheritance now.  If you are an heir to an estate that is currently in probate, we can bypass the probate process and advance cash on your inheritance today.  No credit - No Job - No Problem!

How Does Inheritance Funding Work?  Unlike a bank providing a loan based on your credit, First American Finance will arrange to advance on a portion of your inheritance now.  There's no waiting months or even years for probate to close to get the money you need.  It's an excellent opportunity to get the cash you have locked-up in probate.  So, why wait? submit our easy online funding request form.

No Monthly Loan Payments.  You make no monthly loan payments and your credit status is not a problem.  You get cash now, and we wait for probate to distribute.  When probate finally closes, we receive our agreed upon amount and you receive the balance.  It's that simple.

It's Fast and Easy.  The entire process is very fast.  Once we receive your information, within 5 to 10 days, a check is issued directly to you.  And the process is easy too.  The professional staff at First American Finance is here to help you get the money you have coming.  We want your advance inheritance funding experience to be pleasant and rewarding.

We Can Help.  Let First American Finance wait through the long probate process so that you can have the money you need now to pay bills, start a business, buy a new car, perform that medical or dental procedure, go to school, or just take a vacation.  It's a quick and easy way to generate from $5,000 to $100,000 or more. 

Apply Today!  If you or someone you know is an heir of an estate, please contact the professionals at First American Finance.  We're ready to help you get the money you have locked-up in probate.

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Heirs Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is eligible to receive inheritance cash advance funding from this program?

A: Any heir who will inherit at least $17,000 from a probate which is already open or is currently being open. You Must be of legal age in your state, or apply through your parent or guardian.

Q: How much cash can an heir receive?

A: The minimum advance is normally $5,000. Advances up to $100,000 are made routinely and amounts in excess of $100,000 may also be advanced. There is no upper limit to the amount to be advanced. If you have money coming, we can get you the cash you need today.

Q: Are there any restrictions on how the heir must use the inheritance cash advance?

A: No! Absolutely not. Use the cash any way and for anything you want.

Q: Can you advance money everywhere?

A: Yes! Most of our business is in the United States, but cash has been provided to heirs in other countries. We usually can solve any problems and get you the cash.

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Q: Can you provide funding to an heir that lives in a state that is different from the state that the probate is in?

A: Yes! Almost never a problem. It is common for heirs to live in different states.

Q: Does the heir have to pay monthly loan payments on the inheritance cash advance?

A: No! You make no monthly loan payments at all. We are repaid from the probate. We wait until the probate distributes. There is no problem, or extra costs to the heir for any delays in distribution. We take the risk and cost of waiting... not you.

Q: What determines the cost of an inheritance advance to the heir?

A: The size of the advance and the estimated time to distribution are the major factors affecting pricing. Larger transactions are proportionately less expensive than smaller transactions.

Q: What is the easiest and fastest way for an heir to get some cash fast?

A: Just fill out the short application form and submit it online. Then, a representative will call you on the phone to discuss your situation and determine how we can best help you solve your problems and get you the cash now.

Inheritance Funding - Advance on Inheritance - Inheritance Loan

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