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CRP Payment Buyer - Sell Your Conservation Reserve Program, Farm Subsidy, or CRP Program Payments for a Cash Lump Sum!

We Convert USDA Conservation Reserve Program or CRP Farm Subsidy Payments into a Cash Lump Sum.

 The Nation's #1 CRP Payment Buyer - Sell Your CRP Farm Subsidy Payments for Cash!

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First American Finance Corporation guarantees top dollar to farm subsidy program recipients who want to sell their CRP Program Payments they are receiving from the USDA Conservation Reserve Program. Our success is attributed to understanding exactly what our customers want in a CRP payment buyer. Competitive offers; friendly customer service; and quick funding. Our direct relationships with numerous private CRP buyers and CRP investors across the country and our knowledge of their individual strengths allow us to offer the most competitive CRP payment cash-out option buyout program in the country. 

We have helped numerous individuals get the cash they need to pay-off monthly bills, buy a car, purchase a new home, pay for college, pay medical expenses, start businesses, and obtain the financial freedom that they desired. We have the ability to structure a buyout that will meet your immediate needs and long term goals, as well as fund you very quickly.

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Why Sell My CRP Program Farm Subsidy Payments?

There are several reasons why a farmer may decide to sell their subsidy payments for a lump sum of cash:

Sell CRP Payments for Cash

  • Payoff Debt
  • Investment Opportunities
  • Purchase Land
  • Fund Farm Operations
  • Purchase Farming Equipment
  • Settling an Estate
  • Increase Cash on Hand
  • Take the Pressure Off

Many people tell us the CRP payments they get each year are spent and no investment was made.  A lump sum of cash allows investment opportunity.  Whatever the reason might be, First American Finance Corp. stands ready to help with their CRP payment buyout program. 

The CRP Lump Sum Cash-Out Process

When a Farmer desires to get cash from their farming subsidy CRP payments, it is a simple process as follows:

  • Must be receiving a minimum annual CRP payment of $5,000 or more.

  • Complete and submit the online quote request form linked below
  • Discuss the cash-out details with a funding representative
  • The cash can usually be in your bank account within 7 - 14 days of acceptance

Generally, there are no difficult forms, phone calls or documents required from you and the cash is in your account quickly.  It is a simple, quick, painless and confidential process.

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