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First American Finance Corporation guarantees top cash to individuals who want to sell their private Business Note payments they are receiving as a result of the sale of a business. Our success is attributed to understanding exactly what our customers want in a business note buyer. Competitive pricing; outstanding customer service; and quick funding. Our direct relationships with numerous private business note buyers and business note investment firms across the country and our knowledge of their individual strengths allow us to offer the most competitive pricing in the industry. 

We have helped numerous individuals sell a business note to get the cash they need to pay-off monthly bills, buy a car, purchase a new home, pay for college, pay medical expenses, start businesses, and obtain the financial freedom that they desired. We have the ability to structure a business note buyout that will meet your immediate needs and long term goals, as well as fund you very quickly. We will consider any business note payment stream that is paid out over time.

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We offer several options for individuals who would like to sell their Business Note. These options are designed to meet your immediate and future financial needs.


  • Full Purchase - The purchase of the entire Business Note
  • Partial Purchase - The purchase of a specified number of future payments
  • Split Payment Purchase - The purchase of a portion of the monthly payment


We are very aggressive in the purchase of Business Notes. The following are the basic criteria that we look for in Business Notes.

  • All Business types considered
  • First Lien positions only
  • Personal guarantee of payor (exceptions in some cases)
  • 20% down payment by purchaser (smaller down payment in some cases)
  • 3 months of seasoning (less seasoning in some cases)

If you are receiving or anticipating payments from a Business Note and would prefer a lump sum of cash, we can help. To obtain a free no-obligation evaluation of your business note, just submit our confidential online quote request form or call to speak with a business note buyer specialist.

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